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The Main Darzi Reports

This lists the main reports and provides access to them by hyperlink.  The reports are many and some may have been missed out.  Many are on this server and are secure, but some are by hyperlinks to other sites and may be removed.


London Reports

Nationwide reports

March 2007 The case for change  
April 2007 Saws and Scalpels  (by Darzi - one of the series below.

 'Clinical Case for Change' is a series of papers published by the National Clinical Directors in late 2006 and early 2007, and relevant to the future of local hospitals.
They included
Emergency access - clinical case for change- report by Sir George Alberti, the National Director for Emergency Access
Mending hearts and brains - clinical case for change- Report by Professor Roger Boyle, National Director for heart disease and stroke
Breaking down barriers - the clinical case for change
Making it better- For mother and baby - Clinical case for change Report by Sheila Shribman, National Clinical Director for Children, Young People and Maternity Services

July 2007 A Framework for Action
October 2007 Our NHS, Our Future (interim report)
May 2008   Leading Local Change - Our NHS  Our Future
June 2008 Next Stage Review High quality care for all
November 2008 A local hospital model for London  
February 2009 London consultation on Stroke & Trauma  



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