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From Cradle to Grave: fifty years of the NHS

Rivett G C 

London, King's Fund, 1998.  ISBN 1-85717-148-9

From Cradle to Grave tells the extraordinary story of the NHS.  Published in 1998 by the King's Fund to mark its 50th anniversary, the book traces chronologically the major achievements and events in medicine, nursing, hospital development, primary health care and health management.

Based on a wealth of publications spanning five decades and discussions with many who played a key role in shaping the NHS, From Cradle to Grave is an important work on the British health care system and appears on many university reading lists.   Its combined focus on medical developments and health management makes it a unique review of the NHS.

After an introduction, five chapters cover each of the five decades of the NHS. The chapters are organised on a theme basis, medical progress, primary and hospital care, medical and nurse education and staffing, and matters of politics, organisation and finance.

This web site carries the story forward. 

The book, From Cradle to Grave: fifty years of the NHS,  London, Kings Fund 1998  (ISBN 1 85717 148 9 is now difficult to obtain though inter-library loan is a possibility.  Second hand copies are available through Amazon and Abe books but are expensive.  Flattering but not helpful to potential purchasers.
I can supply the text of the book (and my earlier one) on a CD Rom for £12,  Email me.

Geoffrey Rivett's earlier book on The Development of the London Hospital System is also out of print and unlikely to be republished.  It is, however, available on the web, a sub-web of www.nhshistory.net and on the CD Rom.

The development of the London Hospital System, 1823-1982
deals with the development of hospitals in London in the 125 years before the NHS began and thereafter.  Now almost 30 years out of date, an additional chapte rhas been added to the web version.

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